Top Ratings; Your Satisfaction
is my Goal!
I will give You the Attention
Hot Companionship with a Hot Guy.
        Any way you like it
I charge and am paid for my time only~ Whatever happens between two  
consenting adults is
Strictly Confidential and Private between them.
I am not paid for massage or any services other than my time!
Discretion, Courtesy, Politeness and Respect are my personal standard
and always provided by me.
I  expect Clients to be likewise and have the right to refuse or discontinue
service if my personal integrity and/or safety is infringed  upon. I fully
understand that clients have other obligations in life and that
rescheduling may be a necessary. I take no offense to this and ask for
your understanding if the need for me to reschedule should arise. This is
a matter of business and never a personal issue. I will make every
attempt to offer options or provide extra service should that occur.  
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