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Mein Schules Auge 4, (Berlin) 2007
Werkstadt Gallery, Berlin (2007)
MEN Magazine July 2007, (Voted Hunk of the Month)
[2] Magazine January 2007
COLT/BUCKSHOT Calendar month of March 2006
Various COLT postcards (in stores now)
HONCHO January 2006 eight page spread with interview
UnZipped Mag Coverboi Jan 2005
Videography: Howard Stern Interview, (2006)   Owen Keehnan book interview for Ultimate Starz, (2008).
DANTE: My own screenplay and feature film. Writer, director, producer, cast member - three roles.(2007
Opening movie clip to the
Grabbys Awards 2006
Dirty Jobs, (UnZipped Video) 2006
Justice, (Hot House) 2006
Color Blind, (UnZipped Video) 2006, Dirty Jobs, (2007)
Daddy's Boys, (Unzipped Video) 2006
Bone Saw, (Adonis) 2006
Masque, (Oh Man Studios) 2006, Unspeakable, (2007)
Dirty Little Sins, (Red Devil Studios) 2005
Mars Needs Men, (All Worlds) 2005
World Class Splash Sex Orgy, (All Worlds) 2005
Gloryholes of Las Vegas, (Oh Man Studios) 2005
Behind the Secret Door, (Oh Man Studios... my first Tyger Feature film!) 2005         
My Naughty Neighbor, (Catalina) 2005                
Bondage Inspection, (Feature film.Tom Ropes McGurk) 2005, Yes Doctor, (2007), Say Ahhh!, (2007), Puppies Bone, (2007).              
Do It Right, (2004), Bondage Orgy, (Feature film, Tom Ropes McGurk) 2005 Orgy of Bondage, (2007).
BuckleRoos, (COLT/BUCKSHOT) 2004
Mo'wood Construction, (Catalina) 2004
Events and Shows: Grabby's 2006/2007/2008 - (presenter and nominee; Best Sex Scene), GayVN Awards 2006/2007/2008 - (nominated;
Best Sex Scene in Dirty Little Sins and Awarded Best Oral Scene for Justice.),
AVN Erotica Expo 2006, Jack Hammer 4th o' July Anniversary Show Boy 2006, Greg Day's Photography Show in Berlin 2006 live guest
appeaences in Portland, Seattle, Florida, Toronto, Berlin, England,Venice, Dublin, Amsterdam, Franfurt, Georgia and LA.
Bad Boy's on the
Hudson fund raiser 2007/2008, Pool Party 2005, Bad Boys By The Bay 2005,  Bare Chest Contest 2005,Gay Erotica Expo 2005, Porn Bingo
Fund Raiser 2007/2008.Grabby Recovery Brunch fund Raiser 2006/2007/2008.
Screenplays I've written, completed and to be filmed: DANTE, MYHTOS PATHOS:LEGEND OF THE MIND, STR8T to EARTH,
MAIN STEAM MOVIE CAST MEMBER: Haters of Fake, (2006), The Auteur, (2007).
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I am paid for my time only~ Whatever happens between two  consenting adults is Strictly
Confidential and Private
.  Discretion, Courtesy, Politeness and Respect are my personal
standard and always provided by me.
I  expect Clients to be likewise and have the right to refuse or discontinue service if my
personal integrity and/or safety is infringed  upon.
I fully understand that clients have other obligations in life that they may need to tend to and
that rescheduling may be a necessary. I take no offense to this and ask for your
understanding if the need for me to rescheudle should arise. This is a matter of business
and never a personal issue.
I will make every attempt to offer options or provide extra service should that occure.  
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Black hair, Blue eyes, Naturally Tan Skin
30" waist, Broad Shoulders, 10.5 shoe
Solid Abs & 47" Thick Chest
8.5" X 6.5" of Feel Good Fun!        
A Great Gift for All Occassions!
Versatile,  Muscular, Masculine, Educated and Professional. I'm 45 & offer you Class & Maturity
without Attitude, Judgment or Disrespect. I uphold discretion & confidentiality flawlessly.
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