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Here's the small village that I grew up in. It is located on the outskirts of
Milwaukee Count in Wisconsin. Welcome to Memory Lane~ 1965-1989.
I'll over lay my old school pix so you can get a better feel for it all~
This is the street I lived on. It ended just after the first
drive on the right. When I was seven they continued the
road around through the farm there to make a complete
I went to Preschool here.
Valley View School: Spent k - 5th grade here.
The Post Office in our small village.
Standard Oil Station. First pack of smokes I ever bought:  
Age 6 years.
Used to be our local Grocery: Barczaks
My first hair cut.. buzz cuts and mohawks.
The old barn near Pine Tree Hill.
Tried to steal this sign for my girlfriend when I was 11
years old but an officer came up behind me asking me
what I was doing to that sign. I told him it was loose and I
was tightening it up. He told me I was industrious and
then explained to me why I should not steal signs~ Two
weeks later they raised it to this heigh
Whitnall Park Boerner Botanical Gardens.
I worked here for 13 years. They finally gave me my own
park. I left to do cancer research at UW'Madison and
study immunology.
Trimborn Farms: My girlfriend & I were planning on living
here. While looking the barn over, she disappeared. I
went to the abandon cow feed stalls and found her
sitting there in her braided pig tails up in the suspended
feed basket pooping. The house is part of the property
and built by Jeremiah Curtain in the 1700's. He built
brick kilns at the quarry below.
There was ZERO insulation in that house. The county
park system owns it now.
This is "The Quarry".
I swam here a lot~ Actually lived here with my Black
German Shepard, (Eclipse), in my tent for a year down
in a large crack in the lime stone some 20 feet wide,
14 feet deep and  38 feet long It was all right next to
Whitnall Park where I worked. So, we'd wake up in the
morning, go skinny dipping and then run or bike to
work. Great fun! It's surrounded by
houses now~ The
Quarry remains to this day. It was "unfillable", (over
400 feet deep but only 'bout half an acre big. My Great
Aunt gave me a ring. I threw it in there so I would
always know where it was. LOL! I s'pose it's still there!
Missed most of 2nd grade due to Scarlet Fever....
but finished things out at home
inbetween passing out.
...but I prefered pipe tobacco and cigars.
This was good place to ride a bike, build a fort and smoke
Cigars. (Age7 - 17).
                    I think the last hand written    
                      letter I wrote was back in 1986.
                   I Still have that weird writer's
             lump on my finger though~